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Seizure Classifications

According to the International League Against Epilepsy

Nomenclature of the International Classification of Epileptic Seizures (1981)

Revised Nomenclature (2010)

I. Partial Seizures (seizures that begin locally) I. Focal Seizures
A. Simple Partial (without impaired consciousness)
A. Focal without Impairment of Consciousness or Awareness
1. With motor symptoms
1. With observable motor components
2. With somatosensory or special sensory symptoms
2. Involving subjective sensory phenomena only
3. With autonomic symptoms
3. With observable motor or autonomic components
4. With psychic symptoms
4. Involving subjective psychic phenomena only
B. Complex Partial (with impaired consciousness)
B. Focal with Impairment of Consciousness or Awareness
1. With impaired consciousness only
2. With automatisms
C. Partial
C. Focal
1. Secondarily generalized
1. Evolving to a bilateral, convulsive seizure (involving tonic, clonic, or tonic and clonic components)
II. Generalized Seizures II. Generalized Seizures
A. Absence
A. Absence

1. Typical
2. Atypical
3. With special features
B. Generalized Tonic-Clonic
B. Tonic-Clonic
C. Myoclonic
C. Myoclonic

1. Myoclonic
2. Myoclonic atonic
3. Myoclonic tonic
D. Akinetic
D. Atonic
E. Atonic
D. Atonic
F. Tonic
E. Tonic
G. Clonic
F. Clonic
III. Unclassified Seizures III. Unknown Seizures