Seattle, Washington (206)744-3576 or 1-800-374-3267

Outpatient Services

Our staff specializes in epilepsy and understands how it can affect your life. Our neurologists, psychologists, social workers, EEG technologists, and administrative support staff provide or can arrange the following services for you:

  • Ongoing and follow-up care
  • Evaluation of seizure disorders using tests such as wake-sleep EEGs, MRIs, or PET or SPECT scans
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Referral to the epilepsy inpatient diagnostic and treatment unit
  • Short-term counseling with a social worker and referrals to community resources
  • Trial studies of new medications
  • Prescription refills
  • Vocational counseling and job placement
  • Patient education materials on living with epilepsy

More Information:

Appointment Procedures

On the Day of Your Appointment

Check in at the Epilepsy Clinic check-in desk. They will direct you to the outpatient registration desk, which is located to the left of the check-in desk.

  • If you're a new patient, please arrive 30 minutes early. Be sure to bring your insurance and doctor's referral forms. We will register you in the Harborview care system and issue a Harborview U Card (ID) at this time.
  • If you're a continuing patient, please arrive 15 minutes early. Have your Harborview U Card ready. We will register you and check to see that your address and insurance information are up to date.

Making Your Next Appointment

At the end of your clinic appointment, your doctor will tell you when you should return for your next visit. The easiest way to make this appointment is to stop by the front desk on your way out.

To change or cancel an appointment or to make a new appointment, call the Epilepsy Center office at (206) 744-3576 or 1-800-374-3627. (1-800-374-3627)


Available Services

We respect your rights as a patient. For information on your rights and responsibilities as a patient, please ask for a brochure on this topic in the clinic. Brochures are also available in languages other than English.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services are available for patients who speak limited or no English and for the hearing impaired. To arrange for these services, please call our office at (206) 744-3576 before your appointment.

Services for People with Disabilities

Special services for sight-, hearing-, and speech-impaired patients are available, including a portable teletypewriter (TTY). Please ask for these services when you make your appointment so that we have them ready in time for your visit.


Staff Roles

All of our neurologists have regular morning or afternoon clinics for the convenience of our patients. Office staff can assist in clinic appointments, prescription refills, vocational counseling, and questions concerning your care. You can contact staff directly at (206) 744-3576. If you live outside of Seattle, call 1-800-374-3627.

Biographies of individual staff members are available here.

Here is a brief description of what each person can help you with:

Outpatient Social Worker

The social worker provides short-term counseling and referral services. This staff member can help you with disability application forms, reports for Social Security or DSHS and referrals to community resources and vocation counseling. Please call (206) 744-3576 and ask to speak to the social worker.

Patient Services Representative

The PSR can assist you in scheduling tests such as EEGs, MRIs, PET or SPECT scans, or neuropsychological testing. The PSR can also help you with referral authorizations and with admission to the Epilepsy Long Term Monitoring Unit. Call (206) 744-3576 and ask to speak with the Patient Services Rep.

Registered Nurse

The Epilepsy RN helps with medication refills and answers questions you may have taking medications or other seizure related concerns. Call (206) 744-3576 to speak with a nurse.

Patient Financial Advocate

The Patient Financial Advocate is available to assist patients with questions or concerns regarding medical insurance issues, applying for disability benefit programs, Medicare and Medicaid, and billing problems or other financial concerns. Call (206) 744-3576 to speak with the patient financial advocate.

Vocational Counselors

If you are having trouble finding or keeping a job, our vocational counselors can help. The Vocational Services Center is located at 401 Broadway, Room 2088. Services are free to epilepsy patients. Orientation meetings are held on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 a.m. For more information call (206) 341-4545 or visit the Vocational Services page.