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Health Insurance

Accepted Plans

Harborview participates in many insurance plans. A list of accepted plans is available here.

Information for Managed Care Patients

(patients with HMOs):
If you are enrolled in a managed health care plan, we encourage you to visit your primary care provider while you're in good health so he or she can be more familiar with your medical history and be prepared to meet any future medical needs.

Many managed care plans require that specialty services be authorized in advance by your primary care provider. Your primary care provider is responsible for deciding when a referral to a specialist is medically necessary, and he or she will arrange for referral authorization before you see a specialist. Care you receive in the Epilepsy Clinic is a specialty service.

Unless you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, even urgent care must first be authorized by your primary care provider. If you are unsure if your illness or injury requires immediate attention, call our Community CareLine at (206) 744-2500.

The Patient Financial Advocate is available to assist patients with questions or concerns regarding medical insurance issues, applying for disability benefit programs, Medicare and Medicaid, and billing problems or other financial concerns. Call (206) 744-3576 to speak with the patient financial advocate. 



Understanding Your Bill

How you are billed for your care depends on the clinic in which you were seen and the type of insurance you have.

You may receive two bills for your care. The bill from Harborview will cover your hospital services or clinic visit. The bill from University Physicians will cover your doctor charges. Some patients receive one bill combining both charges.

If you receive two bills, your Harborview bill will indicate whether we have billed your insurance company or if you are expected to pay. Please notify the Patient Access Center if you change insurance plans: 206-744-1000.

For questions or information about your Harborview bill, contact:
Patient Financial Services
877.780.1121 (toll-free)
8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

For questions or information about your University Physicians bill:
Call (206) 744-8606 or (206) 744-3487.

Additional information is available at the Harborview Website.



When you come for a clinic visit, you can get your generic anti-seizure medications filled by a pharmacist at the Ninth-Jefferson Building pharmacy, which is located diagonally northeast from Harborview ER. Brand name and some extended release anti-seizure medications will need to be filled at an outside pharmacy.


Remember: Keep track of the number of refills, not the number of pills!

Help us ensure that you never run out of your anti-seizure medications. Taking your medicine as directed is necessary to prevent life-threatening prolonged seizures, which can occur if an anti-seizure medication is suddenly stopped. With every refill, please look at the number of refills left and when you are down to one refill, notify our office at (206)744-3576 or 1-800-374-3627.

Out of refills before your next clinic appointment?

Please call at least two working days before your supply runs out. For example, if you are going to run out of medicine over the weekend, you must call our office by the Wednesday before that weekend.

Call our office at (206)744-3576 and provide the following information: your name, birthday, the name and phone number of your pharmacy, and the names of the medications you want refilled.

At every appointment, ask for refills to last until your next appointment.

Schedule your next appointment immediately after seeing your epilepsy provider.

Please note that your epilepsy provider will need to see you at least once a year for epilepsy follow-up and medication refills. If you miss your appointment, we will only be able to refill your medications until your next scheduled appointment with your doctor.


Medical Records

You can obtain copies of your medical records by calling Health Information Management directly at (206) 598-5323. In addition, you can call or come to the Epilepsy Center office and we will order copies of your records for you. In either case, you must sign a Consent for Release of Medical Information form. It usually takes about three weeks to mail your records.