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About Us

The Regional Epilepsy Center at Harborview Medical Center comprises a team of specialists in adult and pediatric neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology and neuropsychology, as well as nurses, social workers, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and electrodiagnostic technicians. The center works in partnership with referring physicians across the Northwest and the rest of the United States to diagnose and treat all types of seizure disorders among children and adults.

Care for All Types of Epilepsy

Chronic recurrent seizures (epilepsy) impact the lives of more than 2.5 million people in the United States. While primary care and emergency physicians often initially diagnose and treat epilepsy, they may refer patients to a neurologist if seizures are not controlled within three months. If seizures cannot be controlled within one year, referral to a specialty epilepsy center is usually recommended. Epilepsy centers affiliated with a university medical school are able to diagnose and treat all types of uncontrolled epilepsy and provide care for the most complex and difficult seizure problems.

Most people with epilepsy eventually respond to treatment and can return to leading normal lives. Newly developed treatments and surgery make it possible to control seizure disorders once thought to be untreatable. However, many patients whose lives could be improved by these treatments are not currently receiving them.

The Program

The Regional Epilepsy Program is a system-wide, integrated, multidisciplinary program for the comprehensive clinical care of epilepsy. Patient services include:

  • Correct diagnosis of seizures and determination of underlying causes through both conventional and innovative

    electrodiagnostic and brain imaging methods

  • All conventional

    medical and dietary treatments

  • New (investigational)

    antiepileptic drug treatments

  • Neurosurgical treatment

  • Vagus nerve stimulator

    implantation and management

  • Determination of neuropsychological effects of epilepsy on

    neurocognitive and emotional functioning

  • Education, counseling, and job placement.

  • Wada assessments

    to determine lateralization of

    speech and memory

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